Rebecca W: VERY glad I chose Fisher Shipping Company

“Best choice I could have made! Fisher Shipping Company was referred to me by an acquaintance who had shipped his wife’s BMW from Connecticut to UT. I was looking to transport my 6 mo. old car from UT to PA. Moving across the country was stressful enough and I had never shipped a car so I didn’t need the added stress of worrying about that too. I did my due diligence by reviewing companies and getting quotes. Only two out of four companies returned a quote to me (Fisher was one). All companies had horror stories but the majority of reviews for Fisher Shipping were positive. Although they were slightly more money I thought the fact that I knew someone with a positive experience was worth it. I’m VERY glad I chose Fisher Shipping Company. They gave me a timeline of how things would progress and they stuck to it. They were honest about the fact that dates can vary by a couple of days on either side of pick-up and drop-off because things sometimes happen to drivers as they move across the country (mine had a tire issue that slowed him down). They were easy to get a hold of when I had questions and were very responsive. Dave and Nicole were great! They helped me communicate with the driver and the driver was equally easy to get a hold of and responsive at giving me estimates as to when he would arrive. My car was picked up and dropped off in the time-frame that I expected and it was in great shape when it arrived. Fisher Shipping Company made the experience of moving my life and car across the country much easier.”

Rebecca W.

BMW of South Albany on reliable car shipping

“We at BMW of South Albany have been using Fisher Shipping Company for over 10 years. They’re our go to people for any of our shipping needs all over the country. They’ve shipped anywhere from Florida to Seattle to California and more, always on time and always at a competitive price. Just recently they shipped a car to San Diego and also picked up the customers trade in vehicle and brought it back. We know we can count on them and that’s why they’re always our first and last call.”

Sales Manager
BMW of South Albany
Albany, NY

Steve S: Treated my BMW M4 like it was their own

“Fisher Shipping was not only a great value, but the folks there were excellent to work with. They picked up my 2016 BMW M4 and treated it like it was their own. I would highly recommend Fisher Shipping when you have the need to have a vehicle transported.”

-Steve S.

Dimitri shipped his BMW from TX to MA

“Had Fisher deliver my BMW from San Angelo, TX to Natick, MA and couldn’t be happier with the transaction. Throughout the process, company was in touch with me, from initial call and quote to driver giving me consistent updates throughout the progress. Vehicle was delivered just TWO days after it was picked up, nearly a week ahead of schedule, and arrived in absolutely perfect condition, just as it was picked up.

There are other companies out there that I looked at, and while some were cheaper, I can see that you get what you pay for with Fisher and it was totally worth the piece of mind. Their knowledge of whom to use, and more importantly, whom not to use, is priceless. Read some horror stories with some other companies, you’ll know what I’m talking about..

I would highly recommend them to anyone, and next time I’m in need of a vehicle transport, I’ll know who to call.”

Dimitri L.