Rebecca W: VERY glad I chose Fisher Shipping Company

“Best choice I could have made! Fisher Shipping Company was referred to me by an acquaintance who had shipped his wife’s BMW from Connecticut to UT. I was looking to transport my 6 mo. old car from UT to PA. Moving across the country was stressful enough and I had never shipped a car so I didn’t need the added stress of worrying about that too. I did my due diligence by reviewing companies and getting quotes. Only two out of four companies returned a quote to me (Fisher was one). All companies had horror stories but the majority of reviews for Fisher Shipping were positive. Although they were slightly more money I thought the fact that I knew someone with a positive experience was worth it. I’m VERY glad I chose Fisher Shipping Company. They gave me a timeline of how things would progress and they stuck to it. They were honest about the fact that dates can vary by a couple of days on either side of pick-up and drop-off because things sometimes happen to drivers as they move across the country (mine had a tire issue that slowed him down). They were easy to get a hold of when I had questions and were very responsive. Dave and Nicole were great! They helped me communicate with the driver and the driver was equally easy to get a hold of and responsive at giving me estimates as to when he would arrive. My car was picked up and dropped off in the time-frame that I expected and it was in great shape when it arrived. Fisher Shipping Company made the experience of moving my life and car across the country much easier.”

Rebecca W.