George B: Two positive experiences for NV to VA auto transport

“I had two positive experiences with Fisher Shipping this weekend. On Saturday, April 23, the driver was very accommodating in picking up a vehicle to be shipped from NV to VA. He was timely and let me know his schedule as we had to meet at a neutral location. We even joked about our Philly roots and the Flyers. Then on Sunday, I picked up a vehicle that was sent from VA to NV at a neutral location as well. The car arrived early and was kept in great condition. And finally, CC was the best. She kept me informed about the process and helped facilitate the pick up and delivery. Really appreciate her working with me.”

George B.

Very Positive Experience on TX to VA move

“I called my local Lexus dealer to get a recommendation for an auto transport broker. I had heard that high-end car dealers often have good information on auto transportation. The dealer recommended Fisher Shipping Company, gave me their phone number and told me to talk to them.

The team was extremely friendly and professional and had answers to all my questions. I had a previous experience with an auto transport broker that was not particularly satisfactory, so I was nervous about dishonesty and carelessness. The experience with Fisher Shipping was very positive.

Picked up on Tuesday in TX as promised.

Call came in Thursday evening to arrange drop-off in Virginia at 8 am on Friday. Arrived on time. Delivery and paperwork took less than thirty minutes. Very quick and smooth process. Vehicle never moved once put on truck in TX. Same truck, same driver.

Overall, a very positive experience. Would use them again. Thanks, Fisher Shipping!”


Truck Dealership in Norfolk, VA happy with consistent service and superb turnaround time from Fisher Shipping

We have been doing business with Fisher Shipping for a few years now. With our most recent, over the past two years, we have had the pleasure of dealing with Matt. Matt has provided us with outstandingly consistent service with superb turnaround time. We have always been able to reach out to Matt with any question and have always received a quick and accurate response. As the saying goes, “time is money”, and Matt has always been able to arrange for speedy delivery of our vehicles allowing us to readily process and sell our vehicles. We are 100% confident that when we email our transportation requests to Matt, the job is handled.

Surfside Auto
Norfolk, VA