Tiffany F: Truck delivered to Florida early and in perfect shape

“When my original company didn’t deliver as promised, I only had a week left to find another alternative. Mike at Fisher Shipping was so helpful and patient with me, as I was stressed out about the time crunch. He explained everything clearly and honestly, taking the worry out of transporting my truck from VA to FL. The carrier exhibited great communication before and after pickup with both myself and my friend who was receiving my car in Florida. My truck was delivered in perfect shape and they even delivered a little earlier than expected which was awesome! I will definitely recommend Fisher Shipping to anyone looking for honest and trustworthy transport services.”

Tiffany F. in Tampa, Florida

Amanda N: Stress free shipping for new Audi A3 from CT to CA

I was 110% satisfied with my stress free shipment of my brand new Audi A3 from CT to California. I was away on vacation when the car was picked up and Fisher Shipping picked it up without even disturbing me while I was away. They also dropped it off before I arrived in California so it was waiting for me when I got there. What a great experience. Audi referred Fisher to me after I was concerned with finding a shipping company I could trust. They honestly all seemed like scams online until I contacted Fisher shipping. What a relief. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to use your service again. I will be highly recommending this company to anyone in a similar situation as me. Well trusted guaranteed!

Amanda N.

Russ: Fisher Shipping is honest, fair and highly recommended

“I’ve been having my cars moved for 20 years now and dealt with many different companies. Fisher Shipping is hands down the best if not one of the best. there’s no nonsense, they’re honest, and fair. I always come away with a great feeling after using Fisher and if there’s ever issues they’re super friendly and always willing to help. Highly recommended.”

Russ F.

Military car shipping: Fisher Shipping is reliable and trustworthy

“As a military family we move a lot and often do not have the time or capability to drive both cars across the country. A friend recommended Fisher Shipping Company because of her positive experience with them and they did not disappoint. They were able to ship from various locations with fairly short notice at a very reasonable price. They also accommodated the changing needs of a military household and allowed my friends and family to drop off or receive the car if I could not be there. Fisher Shipping Company also worked around dates that changed several times in the week or two before the shipment. My car has arrived safely at each location and is always there on the day they say it will arrive.

I will continue to use Fisher Shipping Company whenever I need a car shipped because I know I can trust them and I know their prices are extremely fair. I would highly recommend Fisher Shipping Company to anyone who needs a car shipped.”

K Bowers

Jaguar Land Rover Allentown: Transports are Efficient and Worry Free

“Working with high end luxury vehicles demands that the transport of these cars to our clients is a smooth transaction. We have worked with dozens of companies but once we found Fisher Shipping we threw away all of their phone numbers. Every single transport that starts with *** is an efficient and worry free one. I would highly recommend Fisher Shipping to anyone who needs a vehicle [shipped] somewhere.”

General Sales Manager
Jaguar Land Rover Allentown
Allentown, PA

South Shore MA Land Rover: Fisher Shipping always gets it right

“Since 2011, Fisher Shipping has been my exclusive partner in transporting Land Rovers across this great country of ours. Also, I have gladly referred them to my snowbird clientele to do their Massachusetts to Florida seasonal transport. In return, I have never heard a disappointing word. Dave and Nicole always get it right, which means a lot. Less grief means that I have more time to do what I need to do, which is to sell Land Rovers.”

General Sales Manager
Land Rover Hanover

L. – Fisher Shipping is a prompt and honest auto transporter

“I had the most pleasant experience ever with Fisher Shipping Company! It was my first time needing car transporting services, and I was a bit skeptical going into it, as I’ve heard horror stories [about the auto transport industry]. From the beginning, they were honest, made sure I understood exactly what the terms were, and were prompt with everything they did. I will honestly recommend them to everyone I know. Thank you so much!”