Quick Tips to Finding a Compatible Partner – Whether it’s Love or Car Shipping

We can probably agree reliability, quality, trust and communication are important qualities in a compatible partnership – whether it’s love or car shipping.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we will explain the value of each of these qualities – along with some practical dating advice!

Seek promptness and reliability

First, we’ll start with reliability. Attention to detail is important. For example, you’ve got a date and time set up, show up on-time and at the right place. Whether it’s car shipping or dating – no-shows are a really bad look! We work hard to make every car shipping experience a reliable and convenient process for our customers, with a great record of on-time vehicle pickup and delivery.

Just ask this customer, who admits he should have selected us the first time (we agree!):

“After two “no shows” to get my car shipped by the companies with the cheaper quotes, I contracted with Fisher Shipping and had a great experience. My car was picked up on-time, delivered on-time, and delivered in perfect condition. I should have selected them the first time.”

Don’t be cheap

Whether you’re buying Valentine’s Day gifts or selecting an auto transporter, you get what you pay for! We recommend spending a little extra to get more quality. Indeed, spending a little extra often leads to a better result (we’ll leave it at that :).

This customer shares a good example of a lower car shipping quote nearly leading to problems before choosing us:

“I tried to save $150 by going with the low quote and it almost ended up with a real problem. I would use Fisher Shipping again tomorrow.”

Look for trust

Whether it’s dating or auto transport, not everyone is as trustworthy as they seem. Get to know your auto transporter. A quick look on Yelp or the BBB will show you many examples of car shippers not being as honest as they should be about the cost to ship a car and timing of pickup and delivery. If you like to shop around, make sure you get an all-inclusive quote upfront. Make sure you can trust the transporter before using them, like this customer did when he found us:

“I called about 10 shipping companies before finding these guys.
This was the only one that didn’t seem sketchy.
I will use them if I ever need to ship another vehicle.”

Is that it? No, there’s still a BIG one.

Find someone who answers their calls

Just as good relationships need good communication, the same rule applies with the car shipping process. Too many transporters are guilty of not being accessible when their customers have questions or concerns. Or, customers are given a runaround and subjected to rude customer service. We are the exception by providing “superb communication”, as this customer says:

“I recently had an unequivocally positive experience with Fisher Shipping. Fisher arranged for the shipping of my daughter’s car from Connecticut to Chicago. We had a very narrow window for the delivery and Fisher pulled it off perfectly. The paperwork and pick-up were quick and easy and the car was delivered without a hitch or a scratch. The carrier and its drivers were terrific. Communication throughout was superb. The total time from placing the order to delivery was less than 48 hours. Everyone involved was most polite, courteous and helpful. Fisher was recommended to me by a friend who had had excellent experience with the company. My experience was similarly excellent. I highly recommend Dave, his staff and Fisher Shipping.”

Be it love or car shipping, look for a partner that is there for you, 24/7. (Ok, we’re open 7 days, but don’t work 24 hours – you get the idea!)

Ready to Make a Move? Choose Fisher Shipping – the “dime” of car 4 ways car shipping is like datingshipping

When it’s time to ship your vehicle, don’t settle for mediocre (or worse). Call one of our friendly agents for a free car shipping quote, then enjoy your 10 out of 10 car shipping experience.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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