Connie M: Fisher Shipping made the car shipping process very easy

“I was warned that people in this business can be shady. I must say THAT WAS NOT MY EXPERIENCE with Fisher Shipping. It initiated with a phone call from Dave giving me a heads up and quoted price. He let me know I should do my research before selecting and that he was firm on his price, making me feel confident on a quality service. I took heed to his warning and did my homework. Obviously I selected Fisher Shipping and was not in any way regretful. The process was very easy, the contact people were very professional and timely in all communication. My car was delivered AHEAD OF SCHEDULE and the driver was flexible with delivery time according to my schedule needs and completely upstanding when we noticed a small scratch on my car, by COMPLETELY REIMBURSING me for the repair. From my experience with Fisher Shipping I am comfortable in TOTALLY ENDORSING the professionalism and service I received.”

Connie M.

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