D.B. Fisher Shipping answered questions and delivered vehicle fast

“Stephen at Fisher Shipping was great. I was anxious and had a ton of questions and he worked with me. Got my car 3 days after I signed the paperwork. That is the short version.

This is the slightly longer version: I bought a car from a dealer 1,200 miles away and I had to arrange for the shipping myself.

I got bids from those rated highly online but still didn’t feel comfortable. I called the dealer and they said that someone from Fisher Shipping had contacted them. They hadn’t used the company, but…

I called Fisher and got Stephen. He listened and answered all my questions. He was up front about the fact that his would not be the lowest bid. But boy he was first rate. And the bid was in-line but at the higher end of the spectrum.

Stephen was great to work with. Always prompt responding when I had more questions. Always accessible via email and phone. Never made me feel like a pain because I was nervous.

The shipper that brought the car was great. He arrived early, days early. I had my car 3 days after I booked the shipping.

The whole thing felt overwhelming and stressful, but Stephen did his best to smooth the way. The outcome couldn’t have been better.”

D.B in Ithaca, NY

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