Danielle L: Answered my questions and made car shipping process easy

“Fishing Shipping was perfect and totally effortless! I bought a car in Texas and had to have it shipped to NY. Nicole clearly explain their the procedure and what would happen. After I had a clear understanding and all my questions were answered, we moved forward AND IT WAS SO EASY! Nicole sent the paper work and I immediately sent it back. When the car was picked up she gave me a call. About 8 hours before delivery, the driver called and he kept me updated on the status throughout the day. When traffic set him back about two hours, he immediately let me know. It was fantastic and so refreshing! As he started to get closer, we realized that my work and home wouldn’t accommodate his truck, so we agreed on a location that was comfortable for both of us. My car arrived in perfect condition! The driver had turned on the seat warmers and heat so it was nice and warm when I was reunited with my car. Incredible customer service! I would do this process all over again. I HIGHLY recommend Fisher Shipping!”

Danielle L.

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