Fred G: Happy with car shipping quote from NC to NV

Also my first time having a car shipped. I got quotes from a couple different companies, and then waited, and waited and waited, but my car was not getting any closer. Finally on recommendation from my dealer I called Fisher. They are not the cheapest, and came in $250.00 higher than other companies, but I was reassured I would see the car shipped.

I booked with them mid week and by the end of the week they had a truck. My car was picked up in N. Carolina on a Monday and I received it at my home on that Wednesday!! No problems and the carrier did a great job with the car in perfect shape (except dirty from being in an open carrier. If you don’t want this spend the extra $$ for an enclosed carrier). Total from NC to NV was $1250.00 and worth every cent! Thanks!

Fred G. in Las Vegas, NV

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