John B: Fisher Shipping helped out a military family with reliable truck transport

About 2 years ago I shipped my son’s (who is serving in the navy) truck from Tyler, Texas to San Diego, California. What great service he and I both received. Just yesterday, after finding out he is shipping out to sea, we are having his truck sent back home to Texas. They arrived exactly as promised and are headed this way. Everyone I spoke with at Fisher Shipping is very professional and personal.

Seems they could not find a driver for the quoted price they gave me and listen to this…they put in another 100.00 of their money and refused to let me pay it just to make sure my son’s truck left the naval base prior to him shipping out tomorrow. That, folks, says a lot for this company….they are honest, fair and professional.

Many thanks, Fisher Shipping…

John B. in  Tyler, Texas

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