Tiffany F: Truck delivered to Florida early and in perfect shape

“When my original company didn’t deliver as promised, I only had a week left to find another alternative. Mike at Fisher Shipping was so helpful and patient with me, as I was stressed out about the time crunch. He explained everything clearly and honestly, taking the worry out of transporting my truck from VA to FL. The carrier exhibited great communication before and after pickup with both myself and my friend who was receiving my car in Florida. My truck was delivered in perfect shape and they even delivered a little earlier than expected which was awesome! I will definitely recommend Fisher Shipping to anyone looking for honest and trustworthy transport services.”

Tiffany F. in Tampa, Florida

Dave S: Coast to coast auto transport faster than expected

I had to get a car to my daughter at school in California.  Their driver picked the car up the day they told me he would.  He called the night before to setup a meeting time.  I was told that the transport for a coast to coast trip usually took 7-10 days, but the car arrived 6 days after pickup and her graduation present got there quicker than I expected. So so good!

Dave S. in Auburn, MA

Fred G: Happy with car shipping quote from NC to NV

Also my first time having a car shipped. I got quotes from a couple different companies, and then waited, and waited and waited, but my car was not getting any closer. Finally on recommendation from my dealer I called Fisher. They are not the cheapest, and came in $250.00 higher than other companies, but I was reassured I would see the car shipped.

I booked with them mid week and by the end of the week they had a truck. My car was picked up in N. Carolina on a Monday and I received it at my home on that Wednesday!! No problems and the carrier did a great job with the car in perfect shape (except dirty from being in an open carrier. If you don’t want this spend the extra $$ for an enclosed carrier). Total from NC to NV was $1250.00 and worth every cent! Thanks!

Fred G. in Las Vegas, NV

D.B. Fisher Shipping answered questions and delivered vehicle fast

“Stephen at Fisher Shipping was great. I was anxious and had a ton of questions and he worked with me. Got my car 3 days after I signed the paperwork. That is the short version.

This is the slightly longer version: I bought a car from a dealer 1,200 miles away and I had to arrange for the shipping myself.

I got bids from those rated highly online but still didn’t feel comfortable. I called the dealer and they said that someone from Fisher Shipping had contacted them. They hadn’t used the company, but…

I called Fisher and got Stephen. He listened and answered all my questions. He was up front about the fact that his would not be the lowest bid. But boy he was first rate. And the bid was in-line but at the higher end of the spectrum.

Stephen was great to work with. Always prompt responding when I had more questions. Always accessible via email and phone. Never made me feel like a pain because I was nervous.

The shipper that brought the car was great. He arrived early, days early. I had my car 3 days after I booked the shipping.

The whole thing felt overwhelming and stressful, but Stephen did his best to smooth the way. The outcome couldn’t have been better.”

D.B in Ithaca, NY

Jason D: Great service on out of state car delivery

“Let me start by saying this is an unsolicited review. Tina @ Fisher Shipping is a lifesaver. I was purchasing a new car for my birthday from a sleazy dealer outside of Illinois. The dealer gave me the runaround about picking up the car but Tina kept sending her driver over everyday. In the end I canceled the transaction per her advise and picked up a car from the local dealer. I told her to keep the shipping deposit as I know they had spend a lot of time arranging the shipping. She responded, “Oh we would never keep your deposit for something like this.”  WOW THANKS”

Jason D. in Laguna Hills, CA

John B: Fisher Shipping helped out a military family with reliable truck transport

About 2 years ago I shipped my son’s (who is serving in the navy) truck from Tyler, Texas to San Diego, California. What great service he and I both received. Just yesterday, after finding out he is shipping out to sea, we are having his truck sent back home to Texas. They arrived exactly as promised and are headed this way. Everyone I spoke with at Fisher Shipping is very professional and personal.

Seems they could not find a driver for the quoted price they gave me and listen to this…they put in another 100.00 of their money and refused to let me pay it just to make sure my son’s truck left the naval base prior to him shipping out tomorrow. That, folks, says a lot for this company….they are honest, fair and professional.

Many thanks, Fisher Shipping…

John B. in  Tyler, Texas

Raymond T: Knowledgeable staff that knows what they’re doing

“A very professional company who knows what they are doing. The office staff were knowledgeable and more than willing to keep you posted on the shipment of my vehicle. The Drivers were courteous and professional. They did a great job in the middle of a snowstorm. I would highly recommend Fisher Shipping.”

Raymond T. in Holbrook, MA

Ward M. had an exceptionally positive car shipping experience

My ’67 Mustang was picked up in North Carolina and delivered to Atlanta in one day, right on schedule.  Everything went perfectly and just as Matt told me that it would.  The driver was extremely professional.  This was an exceptionally positive experience.

Thank you for the great service!